Blue Christmas with the L1 ‘All Blue‘ by Lilienthal Berlin

With Christmas fast approaching, Berlin-based watch manufacturer Lilienthal Berlin presents its first gift of the season, the L1 All Blue. Clothed fully in blue, this watch is a real highlight of the L1 collection. What’s more? Lilienthal Berlin will also start offering mesh straps.

Blue, the colour of our planet viewed from above, our sky from below and the sea from all depths. And of course, it is the colour of Lilienthal Berlin’s newest model, the L1 ‘All Blue’, which the company presents this September. As one might expect judging from its name, the watch is designed entirely in blue: with its dial galvanised in blue, the IP-plated stainless-steel case in matte blue, the night-blue strap made from plant-tanned natural leather – or a stylish blue mesh strap – and the brightly shining hands and hour display coated with Superluminova, the L1 ‘All Blue’ matches a navy- blue suit just as well as blue dungarees. And of course, it looks fantastic under the sparkle of Christmas lights.

One colour, many possibilities: The L1 ‘All Black’, Urbania ‘All Black’ and Urbania ‘All Blue’ models prove that monochrome watches can be very attractive. The recessed crown in the shape of the iconic World Clock at the heart of the city and the typography on the dial that is also used on Berlin street signs add an extra touch of depth to the design.

Just like all other watches from Lilienthal Berlin, this one is also equipped with the tried-and-tested quick- release-mechanism that enables the wearer to change straps within seconds. And the strap collection is growing. From the beginning of October, Lilienthal Berlin will offer mesh-straps that combine perfectly with the L1 ‘All Blue’. Many other models will also be available with the new woven stainless-steel straps.

The straps are made from 316L surgical steel. This material is especially pure, which means it is highly anti- allergenic and skin-friendly. By weaving the rigid steel, it has a smooth finish and is highly comfortable to wear. The new mesh straps also work well as a Christmas gift for those who already own a Lilienthal Berlin watch. Nevertheless, those looking for a gift should also keep an eye out for further Lilienthal Berlin winter holiday highlights.

The L1 All Blue is available with a diameter of 37.5 and 42.5 millimetres, both of which work well for men and women alike. Like all watches from Lilienthal Berlin, the L1 All Blue is sustainably produced in Germany.

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Source: Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH

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