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We would like to introduce you to BabyTime, a baby activity recording app that begun through the struggles of a first time father but has now become a highly sophisticated, and data driven application used by more than 500,000 parents all over the world.

A quick demo here:

The most notable newly added features of BabyTime include:

Data on baby’s attachment level to the caregiver
Percentile data on various activities by baby or parents
Enhanced user interface with widgets, free iMessage stickers, stopwatch etc.

BabyTime has become the #1 app in its category since its launch and chosen as one of “Best app of 2016” in South Korea.

BabyTime announces new features to take Smart Parenting to new levels

Taking care of a baby is something very precious and personal. This is exactly why most parents do not consider using modern re biology so solutions as they think it will rob them of the intimacy that only the old fashioned means can provide. However, this does not mean that modern day parents can improve their handling and take better care of the baby. BabyTime is exactly the product that uses sophisticated technology to enhance age old processes. After all human beings would not have been much different from other creatures if they hadn’t improvised. Why should parenting be any different?

BabyTime does what an intelligent application of the information should do. It collects data and offers intelligent insights to the parents. It started as a simple baby activity recording app that gained more than 500,000 parents as users. It allows them to record various activities related to babies such as breastfeeding, sleep, diaper changes etc. Over time, these recorded activities provide data for creating comprehensive graphs that help new parents to figure out why the child is crying or behaving oddly.

Now, with its rapid growth, it is trying the take the game a notch higher. For instance, it is now offering quantified scores for various important aspects such as the baby’s attachment level to the caregiver (nanny, mother, or father), percentile amount of time the baby spends sleeping or eating, percentile amount of time the baby spends sleeping or eating, mothers pump milk, what type of parenting style they might have (helicopter mom, on-demand mom, etc), and many other types of useful points derived from the huge data it has already collected. It is also trying to enhance the user experience with new widgets, free iMessage stickers, stopwatch, and many other features.

“Now we have over 60 million recorded activities. Based on this huge data, we are working on giving BabyTime a dramatic makeover to bring new parents and caregivers valuable information about their baby.”, explains Duckyong Yang, who founded BabyTime based on his own experience as a first time father. However, with these new developments, he is hoping to turn parenting into a very sophisticated and calculated activity. Especially for busy, working parents of the 21st century, this might be the ultimate gift that they always needed but did not know where to seek.

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