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Avo marketplace offering “Business Fit” Living, Working and Meeting Spaces for the Business Traveler.

Please introduce yourself and your startup AVO to our readers!
Warm greetings and a friendly welcome to everyone! I’m Ian – a cosmopolitan big city entrepreneur, designer, artist and futurist.
I and my team are pursuing ambitious goals and visions and we’re transforming them into reality. AVO – – is the 1st Marketplace with Concierge Service for Business Space and Business Accommodation Rentals with Great Design and Bio/Eco Sustainability Emphasis.

Real Estate and Travel are the world’s largest economy sectors worth combined over $250 Trillion. In the today’s world of limitless business possibilities and accelerated human mobility the opportunities in these sectors are enormous and the innovation (despite competitiveness and massive earnings) is lagging behind.

How did you get the idea to AVO?
We’re very fond of global travel. As an interior designer/architect I saw tremendous potential in many of the world’s megapolises. I always wanted to bring my vocation and skills to the next level and thus through combining passion for travel and mobility, smart cities, real estate, design and technology we created a simple but yet innovative concept / startup which is AVO. The AVO brand itself was born out of the fascination for brands inspired from natural creations. Avocado is a unique and very distinctive fruit (berry) which is hard to confuse with another thing or word. You eat AVOs every week and stay healthy and young! Steve Jobs was right when he chose an APPLE, wasn’t he?

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
As most, we have challenges on every single step – so many, that there is room for a thousand new services and companies just to tackle these!
It’s a perpetual and omnipresent ‘chicken and egg’ paradigm.Who was first: the man or the woman, the chicken or the egg, the spirit or the matter?Being part of a monetary system we’re in a massive fast moving stream, that very few dare or succeed swimming against. To succeed building a successful company from scratch is a matter between life and death. 9 out of 10 remain just dreamers. It’s a question of passion, not profit. Do what you love and do it better than the competition, right?”

Who is your target audience?
We’re creating a product-service for the mobile business travelers and companies/startups who prefer efficiency, expand their operations and business, love new brands and design, are tech savvy, seek more value and consistency when they look for business space / travel for business, support bio/eco products and tech, are forward-thinking. All our clients are very handsome and rich (joking!).

What is the USP of your startup?
– AVO is a one-stop shop for 9 types of most needed business spaces (AvoSpaces) and business accommodation – both commercial and residential, which means convenience and time saved on using multiple websites.
– We offer bespoke concierge service and help you find the best possible rental property you need that matches your special preferences.
– We’re pioneering the “Business Fit” and “Business Rentals” concepts geared towards the LinkedIn community. Business people have special needs that we cater to. How do you think LinkedIn can still very successfully compete with Facebook? Laser focus on the niche market!
– Flexibility: hourly, daily / nightly and longer periods rates.

– BIO / ECO Sustainability ratings on web property listings as well as physical sticker ratings on buildings and doors. A Proven successful model (tripadvsor) not yet done in Eco ratings and Business Fit ratings categories that help promote, market and better the buildings and spaces.
– We’re on our way to create killer tech that will make the listing, management, payment, search and booking processes of property much faster, seamless, relevant and pleasant.
– We have several more USPs that you’ll absolutely love if you sign up at also we’d love to hear what would you prefer AVO to do for you?

Can you describe your typical workday?
In the morning I drink an aromatic cup of coffee with avocado honey.
Greet the colleagues, go through a pile of emails offering outsourcing services (if I got just a Euro for each of those– would have been a millionaire by now!). Make telephone calls to property providers and business partners. Meet the colleagues over video-calls. Supervise and advice our marketing interns. Promote AVO on social media and make plans for the upcoming months. Take the lunch break and think – why is everything going that slowly? Why are the property managers ‘enjoy’ losing money by having their property stay empty so many hours, days and months every year?
Do the “investors” have more fears than money? There must be a super power that intervenes! How otherwise millions of startups, businesses, cities, countries run?

After the gym workout I enjoy my lunch with fresh and creamy avocadoes (*ofcourse!) and the rest of the evening I surf on through the storm on the waves of the AvoVision.

Where do you see yourself and your startup AVO in five years?
We’re planning to perpetually perfect our product-service, expand our inventory and service to the biggest European business destinations: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Zurich, Moscow etc. We may as well manage to get more traction in the US concomitantly. Unite the 2 markets offering limitless opportunities to all who travel for business within and between these 2 regions! Exciting! Let’s see where that will take us!
Our AvoMembers won’t believe our plans for the next 10 years as we’ve prepared a lot of surprises for you!

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
– Never give up, do not work on more than 1 startup at a time: focus and dedicate yourself fully! Work hard and get lucky, keep calm and persevere, learn, try, dare and enjoy everything you do on your thorny road to fulfill your mission.
– Seal various profitable partnerships, open up, expand to the max your network and reach
– We’ve come too far to give up who we are, so let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars!

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Thank you Ian Baumeister for the Interview

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