Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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FinLeap strengthens its management team

Carolin Gabor as Managing Director. She will support the existing FinLeap ventures in the areas of strategy and growth up and guide them up to a possible exit

Porsche invests in startup Evopark

Porsche invests seven-digit figure in Startup evopark first investment by new Porsche Digital GmbH The newly founded Porsche Digital GmbH is going on the offensive. The...

next47 Siemens to invest €1 billion in new startups

next47 Siemens to invest €1 billion in new startups Freedom for new ideas and developing new technologies Siemens will set up a separate unit to...

Ahrma launches revolutionary smart pallet

Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things, using state-of-the-art intelligence, and well managed pool and rental services

Deutsche Börse starts DB1 Ventures

Deutsche Börse establishes a corporate venture capital platform DB1 Ventures New platform to foster strategic investments in fintech firms/New study “Future of Fintech in Capital...

DigitalLife Day 2016 – Daimler designs digital transformation

DigitalLife Day 2016 Information, Innovation, Inspiration: 500 Daimler employees experience the possibilities of digitalization first hand Daimler AG unites the strengths of a global group...

YouNow discover broadcaster, view live streams and meet people from around the world

YouNow provides a way for audiences to interact with broadcasters and for the broadcasters to earn money by performing live and interacting with their audiences.

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