You only fail when you stop trying

Meet AttachingIT at the startupnight in berlin

Please introduce yourself and your Start-up AttachingIT to our readers!How did you get the idea to your startup?
It’s inevitable, in the next five years the fear of public cloud will vanish. However, moving to the cloud whilst being compliant with strict regulations and policies will still be a major pain point for many companies.
We provide companies with an infrastructure solution that emulates existing storage API’s like Azure blob storage and Amazon’s S3 for easy on boarding. All data that is pushed through the API is encrypted and fragmented. The fragments are then processed by our secrecy algorithm, making them mutually dependent before they are uploaded to multiple cloud providers.This way the data remains secure even if one of the underlying cloud providers are compromised. We are not only accelerating the transitions of companies towards the (public) Cloud, we help them being compliant once they’re in as well.

Why do you decide to start a business?
Our story started a couple of years ago when we developed a web based file sharing solution in our spare time to solve an internal problem. After a couple of weeks we started noticing ‘’external‘‘ traction and suddenly our user base grew up to more than 10.000 users. Many of them were consumers, but some of them were B2B users. They started requesting specific features and were willing to pay for it as well. After analysing their requests on scalability and connecting a clear business model to it we decided to incorporate this all into a real company.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Our biggest challenge was to define our target group and the right decision makers within that target group. Once we had this in mind we could start our sales process. In the beginning we were completely bootstrapped, but after one year we raised some money to scale the product. Currently we are self-sufficient.

Who is the target audience?
We have a fully B2B focus, targeting companies within the legal, financial, engineering, health and manufacturing industries.

Why do you apply for the startupnight in Berlin?
It is good to stay in touch with the start-up ecosystem. What are the latest developments? Are there any new interesting solutions/products launched in the past year/months? It is all about connecting with this ecosystem in order to have a high chance of success. The biggest pitfall for a start-up is not being visible to the outside world. This is why we try to attend an event every one or two months.

You are one of few startup companies at the startupnight in berlin. How motivating is it for you and what do you expect from the event?
It is great to have the opportunity to attend the startupnight and to have a stage where we can demonstrate our company, get in touch with the large community this event has and to see what their responses are towards our product or even meet a future team member.

How important is this step for you? From the aspect that by many prospective clients and media attention to you?
As mentioned earlier, it is of high importance to show case your company, team and solution to the outside world. Many companies are focusing on just online visibility but forgot the human nature of the business. This makes this event so great, because you get the best of both worlds.

Where do you see yourself and your startup in five years?
Actively targeting our product in the US.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
This may sound like a cliché, but think big, think global and do not take no for an answer. You only fail when you stop trying.

Thank you Tim Velthuis for the Interview

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