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AfroLiving was founded in 2018 by Dr. Leah Anita Reddig.

AfroLiving focuses on African market and its betterment in terms of medical equipment’s availability and resourcing.

We are stimulated by the new and advanced technologies that have risen up in the first world countries

and feel its time for Africa to also benefit in the same.



Our Mission:


Supplying of medical equipments, focusing :


  1. Wireless ECG machines
  2. Defibrillation
  3. Handheld wireless ultrasound system
  4. Physiotherapy equipments
  5. Blood pressure machines
  6. Wireless thermometers integrated with IR
  7. Pulox emergency bag
  8. DVTCare Personal Circulation Assistant for blood clots.
  9. MEDX5 handheld ECG Equipment
  10. pocket colposcopes



Our vision

Is to extend our strong position in the market. Provide a resourcing hub for the African and other third world countries the availability of Smart medical equipment that would ease and enable them be productive and meet their patients needs. To acquire, apply and provide affordable high-tech medical equipments.


Our values

Our customers and their satisfactions are our value as well as our employees. Curiosity means being open for new ideas. Curiosity is our principle and stimulates us to continuously learn and extend our competencies.

The relationship with our customers and suppliers is characterized by determination, fairness, politeness and reliability. We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment, the society and ourselves.




Dr. Leah Anita Reddig & Dipl.-Ing. Detlef Reddig

Mombasa Road

00100 Nairobi


mobile: +49 (0) 160 – 517 19 68 – Leah

mobile: +49 (0) 175 – 127 66 48 – Detlef


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