You can learn from everyone! Don’t let your Ego guide and distract you

Adebly solutions for SMB’s publishing innovative BTL marketing

Please introduce yourself and your startup Adebly to our readers!

Udi Levy
Married + 2 Boys
Co-founder & CEO
14 years entrepreneurship experience establishing complete SMB’s infrastructure from the ground up.

Adebly is an online marketplace for businesses who seek for innovative and unique solutions of BTL marketing that will be performed by deferent kind of online and offline influencers – we call them – “Stars”.

The meening of the name is “Adevrtise localy” + “Advertise globaly”.

How did you get the idea to Adebly?
Adebly is actually a combination between our long term experiences in establishing retail SMB’S worldwide and an idea my partner, Guy Mizinski, saw in Amsterdam which is advertising on city bike.

Since we were always looking for new ways to bring customers to our business door we found out the options are very poor or expensive. We thought advertising on city bike is not resolving the great problem of not having accessible low budget tools for SMB’S for conducting offline promotional campaign. If you think about it you would find that BTL Marketing preaty much left behind in this advance world of technology.

So we start mind storming and threw advertising and marketing solutions to the air till we came up with creating an innovative BTL marketing platform that will be accessible and affordable for SMB’s. We will do it by gathering the most innovative, unique and special skills pepole, ( FYI = “Stars”) and we will take the influancers world offline. This will be the biggest stage for creativity and innovative marketing since SMB’s are thersty for other kind of marketing other than the internet.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Very difficult! We came from a worldwide retail development and consulting world, although we have a great technology thrill and knowledge, we had a business to take care of so we had to divide the tasks between us.

When we first came with the idea (which was name “Self-Sign” back then) to developments companies they asked us for our website definition and it took us 6 month to come up with the actual way we thought was right at the time. Since we are no developers we had to outsource our development which investors normally don’t like but we choose our team carefully knowing they will write the algorithm perfectly.

We started recruiting special skills “Stars” such as: street dancers, skaters, actors, Jugglers, musicians and we found out most of them are already gigging up for marketing and advertising purposes which we knew when we were on the business plane stage but when you feel it for real it gives a great feeling and Tailwind to continue and we are planning to go to market really soon.

It is not an easy job to do, we are searching all over the internet for those “Stars” contacting them and explaining them what Adebly is all about. When they are coming to meet us in our office We are planning and building the campaign with each “Star” while making sure there are no loose ends like: writing the right content marketing, posting the perfect pictures and videos, making sure the campaign is not over price and coming up with more great ideas for innovative original campaigns. All of the above done while we were dealing with selling our business and partnerships.
We are now working full time at Adebly.

Who is your target audience?
We are planning to target Adebly to SMB’s although we believe that enterprises will use it as well.

What is the USP of your startup?
Since I have to choose right now I will go with direct accessibility for innovative BTL Marketing which is the most important problem we solved creating Adebly.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Every day is a great venture since I deal with A wide range of situations, but if I have to break it down I would say:

Searching: candidates, “Stars”, new ideas, best outsource solutions, scalability
Investigating & learning each topic I deal with: legal, finance, marketing, information system, funding, analysis, recruiting and more.
Internalize conclusions
Documentation of new ideas and tasks

Where do you see yourself and your startup Adebly in five years?
I believe Adebly will be very well known in our targeted worldwide cities and will be the best solutions for SMB’s publishing innovative BTL marketing.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
There are a few banal tips like: Don’t talk about it – Do it! Or think a head… but if you are already a founder entrepreneur you suppose to live your life by thoughts rules so I my tips are:

1. Produce content – I believe content marketing is the key to your start up world and you need to invest a lot of time and effort planning your strategy and even more time and effort describing your vision and purpose. If you manage to do that well you will find yourself in a wonderful world you created.
2. Know your stuff – investigate and always be up to date.
3. You can learn from everyone! Don’t let your Ego guide and distract you.

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Thank you Udi Levy for the Interview

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