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121with will be the platform that brings everything together

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New platform launches to enable ‘know-how’ to be shared any time, anywhere,from any device and on any matter

The way people acquire and share expertise and ‘know-how’ will change forever, thanks to a new platform that launched today.

121with is an online marketplace for those providing or seeking ‘know-how’. It is also the platform where the know-how is delivered from the ‘seller’ to the ‘buyer’, via live and interactive video.

The 121with platform enables the sharing and receiving of expertise primarily via one-on-one (1-2-1) live video sessions. After a one-to-one (1-2-1) session, direct and instant payments aremade to the ‘Provider’ (the ‘seller’) by the ‘Seeker’ (the ‘buyer’) through Stripe, 121with’s third
party payment merchant.

121with will enable anyone with professional or non-professional knowledge to ‘sell’ their know-how to consumers or businesses from a location of their choice.

The platform offers ‘Providers’ a completely risk-free advertising and marketing platform. Creating a profile and promoting their know-how on the 121with platform is free of charge to ‘Providers’ and is free for ‘Seekers’ to join.

Using relevant tag-words, ‘Providers’ can choose the relevant keywords they want to be found for by ‘Seekers’ within the online marketplace. They will benefit from a free ‘shop window’ where their know-how can be found by those seeking it.

The market for ‘Providers’ on the 121with platform is extensive and varied.

From professionals in legal, financial and health fields, tutors for academic and professional exams, experts in digital marketing and PR, through to practical support from plumbers, chefs and interior designers. All professions; all walks of life.

121with is therefore empowering a whole new army of ‘Providers’ who are experts in their chosen field but have never had the chance to share their knowledge on such an innovative stage before.

Unlike other online marketplaces that demand high commission rates of 50%+ and massive ‘slashed prices’ from merchants / suppliers, 121with takes just 20% from each call made on its platform, and does not dictate the rates set by its ‘Providers’.

121with Joint Managing Director Tom Stokely said: “Everyone has knowledge. Whether that’s gained through hobbies, experience, education, effort or circumstance, both qualified AND life skills have a place on 121with.

“With 4G now available to the masses, with 5G just around the corner, and with smartphone and video usage at an all-time high, the ingredients are all in place for a platform enabling anyone wanting to share and sell their skills and knowledge to others.

“The 121with platform is perfect for services traditionally offered via face-to-face meetings, such as legal and financial advice. But it is equally suited for those ‘softer’ know-how matters, such as make-up lessons, creative writing, interview advice, violin lessons, delivering a speech – and a thousand other topics.”

121with Joint Managing Director Alex Valentine comments: “Unlike generic and pre-recorded video tutorials on YouTube, 121with is exploiting the interactive and personalised benefits that live video delivers. In turn, 121with enables know-how to be shared at a much better cost to traditional routes – with cost savings to both ‘Seeker’ and ‘Provider’.

“For example, a nutritionist consultant will usually charge a rounded-up hourly rate for a client consultation, yet often the appointment can be adequately covered in less time. By charging per minute on the 121with platform, the ‘Seeker’ can pay only for the time they need. For the nutritionist, using the 121with platform will mean their costs are reduced – unpaid travel time and travel expenses to a client’s own premises or the need for office space or dedicated space within their own home are not necessary, for instance.”

Video has become crucial for small businesses. In fact, Business Advice states: “Live video for small business is taking the world of content marketing by storm. In its first year, users of Periscope – the Twitter-owned live video feed – watched an average of 110 years of content every day. Facebook users currently watch more than 100m hours of video combined, every day.”

Valentine concludes: “121with enables talent that others will benefit from -mothers, fathers, self-employed consultants who work from home, retirees or anyone who has a wealth of experience and knowledge just waiting to be tapped into. The opportunities are endless to anyone with knowledge, for both business and personal reasons, and on any matter or subject.

“121with will be the platform that brings everything together. Advice, tips, training, help or knowledge from experts, professionals and enthusiasts will be available through our simple and intuitive platform.”

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