Friday, May 27, 2022
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Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

YOUS is an app for audio/video meetings, phone calls, and chats with a built-in AI translator- the future of online communication without language barriers.

Build a team around you as fast as you possibly can

REC Canada is a full-service real estate sales and consulting brokerage, operating under the banner of Royal LePage Signature

Resilience and the perseverance to not give up

FTGU Media help real estate agents to building a unique personal brand - editing, posting and captioning content across all your social media platforms

No matter what others tell you – always dream bigger

MUA helps, individuals, teams and companies to choose happiness to connect and to build meaningful relationships to live in a happy environment

Long-term brand building is our main goal

THE HEART COMPANY self-care beauty brand the beauty product portfolio includes hair care products, premium hair accessories, vegan skin care and a feel good vegan perfume line

Get out there and explore your community

Venn : The Neighborhood Company focused on connections among neighbors- come and stay, shop local- more connected, and more involved in their communities

Be crazy

SNYKZ social finance app for generation Z to help them achieve a better credit score and deal with everyday money transactions

The focus should always be on the way

Travention innovative booking platform to assist with travel planning and execution within the United States of America combines flights, hotels, car rentals and activities in one place

Collaboration is the foundation of success

PlantX is the digital face of the plant-based community e-commerce shop, vegan meal delivery service, online discussions and more!

Be selfish with your time

Sugarbreak products that make reducing sugar consumption and managing blood sugar easier- also want to raise awareness of having healthy blood sugar

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