PriceCon coming to Bonn

Event PriceCon coming to Bonn: Applying successful pricing to build sustainable business models

For one day attendees and renowned speakers exchange on how startups and businesses can build sustainable business models by applying successful pricing techniques & tactics

On 22nd of April PriceCon opens its doors for the first time. This 1-day event is exploring new ways of how startups and businesses can build sustainable business models by identifying ways to monetize their products and services and by applying successful pricing techniques and tactics.

Around 18 international and experienced startup and business founders will talk about how they faced the challenges and what made them successful. So far Chris Stoikos and Alex Brown, the two co-founders of the American startup called ‘The Dollar Beard Club’ have been announced to speak at the event. Chris also plays the main role in the company’s successful video marketing campaign. Their clips have been clicked over 100 million times so far. Their pricing model seems to be successful as well: For 1$ a month customers receive a beard oil, but spent a multiple of that on their first purchase. At PriceCon they will talk about how they achieved exactly that.

The concept of PriceCon is coming from Cedric Teichmann who’s also an active contributor to the local startup community organization called StartupBonn. “There are two reasons why we decided to go through with the event organization”, Teichmann says. “Pricing concerns everyone, from the young founders to the well established businesses and corporates. Bonn is also the headquarter of Simon, Kucher & Partners which rates as world leading in price consulting. Just like with StartupBonn it is our goal to highlight strengths and particularities of Bonn. Therefore, we’d be delighted to see a close participation of Simon, Kucher & Partners in addition to the other international speakers.”

About the event location we’re going to inform you by the end of January. We’ll keep you updated.

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